Escape daily routine, at Obscuria! Bring your friends!

Bring your team together to play the ultimate escape game! Fun and challenging experiences are guaranteed.

What is an escape game?

If you’re ready to put your ability to focus and your attention to detail to the test, then escape games were designed for you! You and your team have 60 minutes to complete the mission inside the themed escape room of your choice: disarm a chemical bomb or escape the double agent’s office. With each step, you will encounter a series of clues, logical games and mechanisms you must activate in order to complete the game and be one step closer to escaping.

Speed, teamwork and intuition are the weapons you must use in order to solve mysteries and make the right connections, all whilst enjoying the excitement of the game itself. If you need assistance, you may ask for it as many times as needed in order to discover the next clue and advance toward your mission goal.

Just imagine the excitement and satisfaction you’ll feel with each puzzle you solved successfully!

What to expect at an escape room?

Play the main part in your own movie

Live real-life experiences and be the star of your own play by taking part in our escape room’s unique challenges! With the help of your team mates, you’ll discover secret hideouts, hidden messages and solutions to tricky puzzles.

Choose who you want to be – the undercover agent sent to disarm a chemical bomb or the spy assigned to gather intelligence!

Excitement and adventure

Action, involvement and excitement are the essence of the game. Enjoy the experience with your team mates as you manage to escape – or not – within the allocated time!

No matter the outcome, you’re still a hero to us!


Work alongside your teammates to solve the mysteries as fast as possible. Coordinate your effort to advance in the game and complete the mission successfully.

Who are we?

We came up with a business idea based on escape games following our own escape experience that we had a few years ago in Budapest. We were inspired to bring the concept here as well, so, in November 2015 we decided to complete the list of entertaining activities available in Brasov by adding our very own brand of intelligent puzzles and unique elements.

The themes of each escape room are designed entirely by us down to the last detail. We were inspired both by personal preferences, as well as client feedback. Every time we come up with a story, we think of a scenario that would likely not happen on a day to day basis, but one that is worth exploring through intricate and thrilling games.

Our mission is to develop quality games and engage as many people as possible through intelligent and challenging team activities. Our desire is for participants to enjoy every moment spent at Obscuria and come back again every time with a smile on their face.

Andrei: I’d describe myself as a programmer with an appetite for entrepreneurship. At Obscuria, apart from game design, I deal with programming game modules and everything involving the streamlining of our internal processes. In case of emergency, like cables breaking or mechanisms malfunctioning, I beam myself on the spot right away. And if I can’t fix the problem otherwise, I merely apply the Russian approach…

Ioana: I am a pharmacist by professional education, but I gave up on that because this is where I can let my imagination run wild. At Obscuria, I am in charge of a lot of different things, such as designing puzzles, designing and building the game modules themselves, as well as managing our venue. Apart from this, screwdrivers and power drills have stopped being rocket science to me, a long time ago.

Your adventure starts here!

Which hero do you want to be in very own action movie? The undercover agent sent to disarm the bomb or the spy looking for secret intel? Every step of the way you will find a clue, a secret hiding place or a seemingly invisible message that you must decipher. Action-packed, adrenaline-fueled challenges await!

  • 60min
  • 2-6 people
  • Average difficulty

Chemical Attack

Escape Room

  • 60min
  • 2-6 people
  • Average difficulty

Internal Affairs

Escape Room