Be a skilled spy in a race against the clock!

Put your intuition to the test and venture into your very first espionage mission!

Feel the adrenaline and let the clues guide you

Once the mission starts, you must find the hidden evidence and unravel all the mysteries. Time is running out and speed is your most trusted weapon.

  • 60min
  • 2-6 people
  • Average difficulty

It all began when ...

... you were recruited to be an undercover agent after a long period of training. It's time to make a name for yourself! The organization you're working for informed you that their last operation has been compromised – three agents have already been arrested following military espionage accusations. Everything you know is that there is a mole in the organization. His name is Aldrich Ames. The agency is counting on you to stop him!

What does the mission entail?

You are in the spy's office and your job is to find out the name of the organization he really works for. You must achieve this in 60 minutes. The clock is already ticking! Remember: once you're inside, nothing is what it seems. Get you team together, discover the clues and solve the mystery! The outcome of the story is entirely up to you.


Internal Affairs
160 lei / 2 people 200 lei / 3 people 240 lei / 4 people 280 lei / 5 people 320 lei / 6 people