Give yourself a well-deserved break!

Are you part of a team that spends most of its time solving tasks at the office? Gather your workmates and come experiment the most complex teambuilding activity in Brasov at Obscuria Escape Room!

What is an escape room?

If you are ready to test your concentration skills and attention to details, challenge yourself to an escape game! In 60 minutes, you and your team must make use of everything around you to discover all the clues that will help you successfully complete the mission of the thematic room of your choice: disarming the chemical bomb or escaping the spy’s office.

Speed, teamwork and intuition are the weapons that will help you enjoy the game, make the right connections and reach the end of the story.

Excitement, suspense, intuition and team work are guaranteed!

Why choose an indoor team building game?

  • You can monitor the progress of the game alongside the Obscuria team (by request);
  • You can include messages or specific objects from your field of work or company (by request);
  • You analyze group dynamics and the members’ individual reactions in a race against the clock scenario;
  • You identify team strengths and weaknesses and manage to improve weaknesses;
  • You have fun with your team in a world of clues and logical puzzles, irrespective of the weather conditions;
  • You get the chance to test team competitivity in your company through an organized competition

What can you witness in a teambuilding activity at Obscuria, in Brasov?

  • How the team members communicate and what are the aspects you can improve;
  • How tasks are being delegated and how involved each member is in solving logical puzzles;
  • The existence of an informal leader who coordinates the team in order to solve the mysteries;
  • The initiative of all members of the team and the decision making skills of some of them who come up with ideas to overcome obstacles;
  • The team’s solution-oriented behavior and its ability to analyze things that aren’t what they seem, all whilst they are placed in a situation that is out of the ordinary;
  • The team’s efficient time management so that the mission is successful, without them knowing what’s next in store for them.

Your adventure starts here!

Which hero do you want to be in very own action movie? The undercover agent sent to disarm the bomb or the spy looking for secret intel? Every step of the way you will find a clue, a secret hiding place or a seemingly invisible message that you must decipher. Action-packed, adrenaline-fueled challenges await!

  • 60min
  • 2-6 people
  • Average difficulty

Chemical Attack

Escape Room

  • 60min
  • 2-6 people
  • Average difficulty

Internal Affairs

Escape Room